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Stand Up, Speak Out, Be Heard - The Bluegrass Situation shares op-ed from River Whyless Posted on March 7th, 2017

The Bluegrass Situation have shared an insightful op-ed piece from River Whyless on the message they hope to spread with their recently released video for their cover of CCR's 'Fortunate Son'.

You can read the full piece here and watch the video for 'Fortunate Son' below.

"Do we continue down the path of least resistance or do we learn from our mistakes? Will we be able to look past party lines, gender, sexuality, race, and class in order to return our partisanship to its proper context, which is not, after all, winning for winning’s sake. Rather, the context of our partisanship is much larger: It ought to fall somewhere among or within our commitment to generosity and humility.

By capturing footage of that march and putting it to our rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son,” we in River Whyless hope to both emphasize and celebrate the power of active political engagement, to relate CCR’s original moment, back in 1969, to this moment, as a way to emphasize its significance. It’s time for everyone -- on the left and the right -- to stand up and demand from our government the things we all deserve. We don’t all agree on who deserves what and why, but we do agree that we all deserve to be heard."

-- Alex McWalters, River Whyless